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Aimee Mesiti

Community & Philanthropy

About Aimee Mesiti

Aimee Mesiti is a determined, hardworking woman who dedicates her time to her family, business, and community. She graduated from Genessee Community College and then spent the next 25 years working as a Physical Therapy Assistant while raising five boys alongside her husband. Now that her kids are grown, however, Aimee has pivoted her career and launched her own business: a winery, brewery, event venue, and farm-to-table restaurant in her community of Brockport, New York.

In 2016, Aimee Mesiti retired from her physical therapy career and launched Five Sons Winery, Inc. Since then, she has grown the business to include many other facets and serve the local community and surrounding areas well. As the owner and president, Aimee handles many critical aspects of the organization’s day-to-day operations, from marketing and design to finances. Aimee is a very health-conscious individual and strives to offer fresh, healthy options for their patrons. Their full-service restaurant utilizes locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible, and Aimee is in the early stages of growing some produce on-site.

One of the key philosophies that guide Aimee Mesiti’s life is her dedication to being the best version of herself possible. When she pursues that aspiration both mentally and physically, Aimee finds success in her family, social sphere, and professional endeavors. A critical part of how this philosophy manifests itself in Aimee’s life is her passion for giving back to the community. With the success of her business, Aimee has harnessed her influence and reach to fundraise for multiple local charities, such as the Ronald McDonald House, Bright Star German Shepherd Rescue, and the MDA of Rochester.

Every September, Aimee Mesiti and her organization host the Guardians of the Brewery, a cycling team that rides in the Tour de Teddi. They raise funds each year to support Camp Good Days, a camp specifically designed for families and individuals affected by cancer or other similar life challenges. As the leading fundraising team in 2022, Five Sons Winery raised over $14,000 for the camp. This is an achievement that Aimee and her entire team are proud of, and they look forward to supporting the Guardians team every year.

Aimee Mesiti’s values are evident in her personal life as well. She strives to care for her mind and body well, using her free time to stay active and pursue personal fitness. In addition to weight training and cycling on her Peloton bike, Aimee also enjoys getting outside with her family and going kayaking or hiking with their dogs. She loves growing her own food and is always looking into new gardening strategies or local forageable items.